Another blog? But why? Am I nuts? Well, that remains to be seen. A while back I gave up two blogs, one focussing on political humour and the other on 60s and 70s musical artists because 3 blogs just became too much to maintain. I’ve since launched Picture This on Tumblr and now dufus daze.

So why am I starting this blog? Well, blame Google+. Yep, I joined Google+ last week. It’s quite similar to Facebook but doesn’t include the invasive aspects such as games, surveys and ads. But how can I join one more social app without duplicating my web content? Enter dufus daze.

Obviously a double entendre on “days”, daze will focus on those things that I have an opinion on. It might be humorous, it might not be. It might include pics and/or a video. It might not. But it will be a periodic look at my views, opinions and observations. Oh, and I encourage comment and discussions. Hopefully we can have a dialogue.

So sit back, stay tuned for dufus daze.