The telephone hacking scandal seemingly perpetrated by so-called journalists at Britain’s News of the World, and, it would appear, by other media outlets has shocked many. Celebrities, politicians, members of the Royal Family and families of war victims are among those targetted.

I agree this raises questions about the ethics of journalists, and will likely result in journalists being regarded as more lowly than those who practice the black art of politics. But I must say I’m not entirely surprised by this invasion of privacy. After all, police and security forces have been listening in to conversations down the street and around the world via wiretaps and satellite transmission interceptions for years and years.

The so-called American Patriot Act is the worst example (or best, depending on your perspective) of a violation of civil liberties that didn’t stop at accessing personal information.

And look at how we help aid the sharing of personal information. We post commentary and pictures on Twitter and Facebook accounts and blogs for the whole world to see. So, I guess, we’re kind of doing this to ourselves in a way.

Then again, I suppose, there’s a difference in sharing what we want to share and someone else sharing, on our behalf, what we’d prefer not to share.

Just saying.