My son and I try to golf together at least once a week. It’s relaxing (most of the time) and we get to spend some quality time together. It’s a routine. We tee off around 8:30 and golf until just after noon. Then we head off to a nearby restaurant for a late breakfast.

We usually golf at a course called Les Vieux Moulins, which loosely translated means “to dream the impossible dream”. Not really. It means the old wind mills.

It’s a picturesque course. Lots of trees and several man made ponds rimmed with huge rocks, some of which pose a bit of a challenge to hit your ball over.

And there are animals. The ponds provide a home to lots of ducks who, from time to time, wander across the fairway in single file. One day we spotted a deer and her fawn trot blithely across the fairway about 10 feet away from us.

But the best incident involved a fox. We’d seen foxes on the course before but this time this fox chased after my ball. As it stopped rolling my fox friend picked up my ball and started to run off. My son started to run after it, waving his club trying to scare it into dropping the ball. About thirty yards later it did drop the ball and ran off. Well they say “play it where it lies”. So I did. That was one of my farthest drives ever.

What do golf, Manfred Mann and foxes have in common? Well, see for yourself…