I have cancer. It’s a blood/bone marrow disorder called multiple myeloma. But I’m okay. Doing very well, thank you. One of the reasons I’m doing so well is the attention and care I receive from my doctors. They’ve been great. But a lot of my time is taken up with medical appointments. Hematologists, endocrinologists, radiation specialists – there is so much follow up. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good they pay me such attention. But man, it’s so time consuming.

Not my doctor, but a reasonable facsimile.

Apart from doctor’s visits I have other medical appointments. Blood tests, IV drips, pulmonary checks, EKGs – you name it I’ve probably undergone it.

Today I visited my radiation specialist. I went through radiation treatments 15 months ago prior to my most recent bone marrow transplant. The procedure is a new one and the doctor follows up with regular check-ups to ensure I wasn’t adversely affected. You know, like growing a second head or something.

Each visit involves responding to a 30 page or so questionnaire that deals with any post-procedure symptoms. In the midst of our Q and A session the doctor looked down at his questionnaire and said “testicles”. There was a pause and I said, “Yep, still got ’em!” I don’t quite know what he was after because he quickly moved on to the next section of his booklet. I hope the other male patients still have theirs.

As a side note, I used to have a full goatee. Folks would tell me I looked like people such as Colonel Sanders, David Suziki and Kenny Rogers. I got rid of the goatee last winter but kept the mustache. I think I look a little like David Crosby and I recently compared myself on this blog to Wilford Brimley. But as the nurse weighed me in today she came up with a new one. “You know who you look like?” “Captain Kangaroo”.

Sure and I’ve got a bunny in my pocket, wanna see it?

That doesn’t look like me. First of all I don’t even own a red coat.