I’m sick, I think. I think it’s called read-aholism. I like to read. In fact, I love to read. I just finished Ken Follett’s new book Fall of Giants. Close to 1,000 pages Giants is an epic novel that follows five characters from the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany and Russia prior to, during and after World War I. It’s a fascinating tale. And I truly enjoyed reading it. But now it’s over and I’m kind of sad.

I always do this to myself. I choose lengthy books to read or series of books, get so invested in the story and then when it ends I just want it to go on and on.

Follet’s done this to me before with Pillars of The Earth and it’s sequel World Without End, both of which were in the 1,000 plus page department.

But Follett’s not alone. Philip Pullman did it to me with His Dark Materials trilogy. Stieg Larsson captivated me with The Millennium Series trilogy as did Suzanne Collins with her trilogy The Hunger Games.

And now Follett again. Part Two of this engrossing trilogy is due out in 2012 and Part Three in 2014.

Will I never learn?

Oh, wait, I think I have George R.R. Martin’s five-book series A Song of Ice and Fire to keep me company for awhile.

What about you? Have you got any series of books that really hooked you?