Busy times in the dufus household over the weekend. Whitey, from *spits* Toronto (HI WHITEY) dropped off Belle and Willow while he visited with some buddies. No, he didn’t drop off his kids. He dropped off his dogs, a couple of adorable little mutts. That was Friday. Saturday the grandkids – Miko and his younger twin brothers Emery and Noah – were over for a BBQ. Well, they were just thrilled with the dogs. And, luckily, the dogs were thrilled with them. We had a tough time spreading our attention among all of them. And it was pretty hard to tell who did the best job of being top dog, as it were.

Let us out

Let us in

Miko – dog whisperer
We have two cats, neither of which were heard from all weekend. One hid in the basement and the other spent every day outside, as far away as possible from the dogs, only showing up at night when the dogs were locked safely away in our bedroom. Oh yes, they slept with us too.
They say every dog has its day. Every day is these dogs’ day. Chez dufus has truly gone to the dogs.