Some say politicians are a two-faced lot. Canada is so lucky. Our Prime Minister is a man of many faces. Why, I’d be quick to say he has more faces than John Forbes Nash Jr.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

He has a nose for the rough and tumble world of  campaigning.

He’s a family man: “If I don’t win that kewpie doll for Lauren she’s gonna have my ass.”

He’s so highly admired among his fellow G8 leaders some don’t shy away from PDA (public displays of affection).

He’s not afraid to share…or give up…the spotlight.

“Look, quit contradicting me. Is this because of that hand over your face thing?”

He knows how to identify with our nation’s two solitudes. English and French? Hell, no. Cowboys…

…and Indians.

And he has a famous brother who he found out recently was separated from him at birth.