Wood. Splitting wood. What’d you think I meant? Winter’s approaching. Time to get our firewood situation sorted out. Last year we had a tree cut down. A gorgeous oak. They say mighty oaks from acorns grow. But this one had seen better days and had developed a split. Better to chop it down than to have it fall on our house.

So the guys that cut it down cut what they could into manageable logs. The rest, some of which were about two feet in circumference I stored in a corner of the backyard.

Last weekend, a dear friend and her daughter rented a splitter for us, came over and helped us make manageable firewood out of these huge pieces of tree trunk.

Here, the women go to it. Where was I? Well, they were doing such a really great job I didn’t want to ruin the rhythm they’d set. And besides, somebody has to take the photos.

Ah, first fire of the fall.