You know you’re getting old when…[I can pretty much fill in the blank with anything]. In five months I hit a milestone. I turn 60 in April. That’s old. My own father didn’t live that long. But I like to think I’m young at heart. Which is good, cause I’m certainly not young anywhere else. It makes me think of that Leonard Cohen song where he goes “My friends are gone and my hair is gray, I ache in the places where I used to play”.

I should know better after 2 heavy-duty love affairs with chemo in the last 4 years. You know what? It slows you down. In your head you can do things. Oddly enough my head hasn’t been talking to my body lately.

The other day I made up my mind to do a few things outdoors before the snow flies. You know, little things. Things like pound 18 posts into the ground around the driveway so the snow plow guy will know where to go. Things like clean the leaves out the eavestroughing – which means climbing up and down a ladder. Things like put up the outdoor Christmas lights.

Well, I didn’t get to finish. I got all flushed, my heart started pounding, my legs got rubbery, I was short of breath and my back was killing me.

My wife tells me to take it easy. “After all, she admonishes, “you’re 60 not 40 years of age.”

“Yeah, I say spiritedly, “and 60’s the new 40.” But you know what? My young heart just wasn’t in it.

Oh, and here’s that song…