I took my wife out for dinner tonight…my treat. She’s been working hard and I thought she could use a little break. So we went to this little French bistro we frequent from time to time called Le Twist.

We had a light meal, well she did, I had a burger and fries. And a glass of red wine, well she did. I had a pint of Griffon Rousse, although when I ordered in my fractured French I asked for Griffon rouge. Hey it’s a French red beer. What do I know. My wife corrected me. A Francophone, she knows.

At the end of the meal we ordered coffee. A decaf sounded like the way to go. My wife’s idea. But they only had decaf espresso. Now to me that’s a contradiction in terms. Why ruin a good espresso?

So I ordered a regular coffee. “Regular? You’ll be up all night,” said my wife.

It’s 4:08am.

How did she know?

But lets you sleep.