Well, I’m back from my stealth trip to Panama, under the radar from my doctors. They wouldn’t let me go in December for 6 weeks. So I decided to go for 2 weeks in March and just not tell them. Isn’t that nasty?

Caught up on some reading on my trip. Finally finished the fourth book in the Game of Thrones series. Except when I reached the end of the last chapter, Mr. Martin tells me that’s not all, there’ll be more 1000 page plus volumes to come. Isn’t that nasty?

Next up. my first e-book, Stephen King’s 11/22/63. A great read about a guy who discovers a rip in the time-space continuum and travels back in time to prevent Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating Kennedy. But he falls in love with someone while he’s there that complicates matters considerably. Sure this had all the weirdness of a King novel. But it also had something else…love and compassion. And I found I had to read parts of this with my box of Kleenex close at hand. Isn’t that nasty?

Then I changed gears and read the Steve Jobs biography, appropriately enough on my iPad. He was nasty. But a genius, nevertheless, to be admired. I mean, hey, this guy changed the way I listen to music and read books…and how I buy them.

Watched several DVD’s while in Panama, including Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. I was pleasantly surprised by this flick which was not at all what I imagined it to be. Turns out the story weaves into it the tale of acclaimed French film maker Georges Melies. What on the surface was a kids’ movie really turns out to be a most engaging film for all ages. This must have been such a labour of love for Scorsese. It’s a gem. I highly recommend it.

So if you were wondering what I’d been up to lately, there Hugo!

Next up: I’ve been dieting so I’m really primed to see The Hunger Games.