That’s better. More of you guys found your way to us this week while we’re running 30 Days of Photos over on nonamedufus. Must have been our alluring and attractive picture this week.

Uh-huh. Right.

Let’s see what you guys came up with…

Putting the “Belly” in “belly Dancing” since 1993.


Just another day in Jessica Simpson paradise.


For $100 she’ll perfrm at your party. For $100 more she’ll also promise not to eat the buffet.


But my good friend Raymond came up with this week’s winner and you might have to be a certain age to get it. We both are past that certain age so I got it!


Ha, ha, ha, Ray that was heavy, man. I used to watch Hullabaloo all the time. I never saw her on it though, or anyone closely resembling her. Ray doesn’t have a blog, so no link. Instead, Ray has a life.

Congratulations, Ray, you be hangin’ with dufus this week. Maybe we could get together and hang out at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio downtown. I hear they have a special on belly dancing lessons. I don’t know about you but that might be something useful to do with my belly for a change.