Aw, geez, I totally forgot to post our winner this week. You see it’s my birthday today and Whitey and I started to celebrate yesterday. So it’s all Whitey’s fault.

Meanwhile, back to the task at hand. Remember this little guy with the odd looking expression? Well, here are some of your captions…

Barney died?


The look on dufus’ face when he realized he’d broken the rules of 30 Days of Photographs, and now Ziva was coming for him with her whip in hand.


You’re how old?


 Our winner this week has stubbornly been submitting captions for some time without success. Today his efforts pay off…

You’re going to circumcise my what?!


Way to go S.F.! You finally came through. You be hangin’ with dufus. I’d ask how’s it hangin’ but with that surgery and all I’ve got a fair idea.

Thanks to everyone for playing. Tune in next week when we’re back on our main blog because 30 Days of Photographs is coming to an end.  I gotta go. I’ve got 60 candles to blow out on my birthday cake. This could take a while.