I can’t remember the source exactly but somewhere on Facebook last week, a music site I think it was, was asking what people’s favourite opening notes to a song were. One of the the examples was the opening to the Beatles’ I Feel Fine. A fine, no pun intended, opening to be sure.

The more I thought about this, the more one song kept rumbling through my head. I couldn’t shake it. So finally I hit up You Tube and Wikepedia. Here’s what I learned about (I Know) I’m Losing You by Rod Stewart and the Faces.

The song was originally done by the Temptations. Now I was never a big Motown fan as a kid so I really wasn’t into that version. But I really dug the Faces version in 1971. Turns out, though, that even though it was recorded using all or most of the Faces, it appeared on Stewart’s solo album Every Picture Tells a Story and for contractual reasons “Faces” could not be mentioned.

I aso learned, from the following rendition at least, that it wasn’t the opening I recalled but the bit between the opening and the lyrics that really impressed me.

Hope you enjoy this live performance as much as I do…