Okay, so we’re back on dufus daze for the duration of June as we participate in 30 Days Of Writing over on nonamedufus.

Mr. Pin Cushion here was our pic this week and I offered bonus points for those that worked a Searchers song into their caption. Of course anyone who did this would be sowhing their age since this song came out in 1964. Let’s see who has no shame…

George Takei had to resort to needles and pins every time Shatner’s ego made his stress-induced hypertension kick in.


“Needles and Pins” didn’t quite make it as a superhero character.


Do not get into a fight with your acupuncturist. Trust this guy on that one.


And our winner this week totally ignored the offer of bonus points and went straight to the point with…

Wow. What a prick.


Way to go Nicky. You win and you be hangin’ with dufus this week. Of course this has nothing to do with the 30 Days of Writing exercise you’re in charge of this month. I’m not sucking up to you for more points. Oh, no, I wouldn’t ever do that. Great caption, girl.

What do you say we get together and head on down to this acupuncturist I know. You should see his, um, needle. Yeah, that’s it…. Uh, never mind. I’ll leave it up to you to imagine.