Okay, so we ran this pic on Wednesday here on the alternate blog and I bit my nails for several days hoping enough people would find our little contest because I’m participating in 30 Days of Writing over on nonamedufus. Now my neck hurts. It’s hard biting your toe nails, eh?

Well, what do you know? We’re still in business! Let’s see what we got this week…

Japanese Marriage encounter!


Fed up with continually being expected to be behind the lens, Japanese tourists take time out to get their own photo-op.


American Ninja Warrior-China, they finally made it over that damn wall!


I’m not sure what Skeeter meant there. Maybe there was a problem with his punctuation or something. Somebody was punctual this week. And made me spew my Corona with…

Justin Timberlake? THIS is how you bring sexy back.


Way to go, Quirks. You be bringing’ sexy back to dufus. W00t. (Do people still do that?)

So congratulations. You be hangin’ with dufus this week. What do you say we settle in for a Timberlake video or two on You Tube. I wanna see if he really does have a sexy back.