I gotta hand it to you two, and 00dozo as well – although she went MIA this week – for sticking with PPP this last month as I participated in 30 Days of Writing over on my main blog. You guys came, you captioned and you conquered.

Not everyone followed our little contest over here. In fact, no one else did. We’ll see how many people we attract next week when we shift back on nonamedufus.

Anyhoo, here’s this week’s pick…

Now, Ray came up with:

Beach Ring Toss: Demonstration sport at the London Games.

And Quirkyloon made me throw up a little in my mouth, with:

Looks like Blue Man forgot to shave. Introducing the pubishaver! Coming soon to a Wal Mart near you!

Congratulations Quirks. You win by a hair. Eww. Enough said.