Here I am. I use this blog from time to time as the spirit moves me. Or when, like today, I have two competing posts over on nonamedufus. We’re running a caption contest over there today, so we’ll use dufus daze to post this month’s photo challenge.

Time again for P.J.’s monthly Photo Challenge which I’ve been participating in over the last little while.   P.J. writes a little blog called a ‘lilhoohaa. October’s theme is “fall”. Now I thought of falling off a ladder and taking pictures of it but decided that probably wasn’t what P.J. had in mind. Plus I have enough health issues to deal with. I don’t need to add a broken back to the list.

So on the 18th I took a drive into Gatineau Park about 5 minutes away from where I live. The park is a 361 square kilometre conservation park and at this time of year is a sight to behold with a riot of colours.

In fact on weekends during October the roads through the park are jammed with cars of families out for a spin to enjoy the fall colours. Luckily I went during the week.

I took close to 50 pictures on my trip through the park so it was hard to narrow it down to my five favourite. In fact, if you count the one above I cheated and went with six.

I was worried I’d left my trip to too late in the month and that most of the leaves had fallen. But there were still plenty of leaves and lots of brilliant colours. Lucky for me…and you. You can click on these pics to make them larger.

This is the main road through the park, the Gatineau Parkway.

This shot was taken in the parking lot of Pink Lake.

This is a view from the Pink Lake Lookout.

Another shot in the Pink Lake parking lot.

This shot is from the Champlain Lookout. It takes in the Ottawa Valley and the Ottawa River.

Now that you’ve seen my collection of photos for October see who else is in on the challenge by visiting P.J.’s blog. He’ll be happy you did.