Pause Ponder and Punishing Pilots

Okay, better late than never. I was supposed to post our results yesterday but I took a week off, eh, and went fishing. Just got back today. So let’s see who came up with what…

WWI Japanese Kamiakze pilots take a break in the action.


Let’s hope there aren’t any fly balls!


And our winner came up with a delightful double-entendre:

Flying Aces


Way to go 00dozo. You’ve been courting a win for weeks now. You lobbed a great one this week.

You be hangin with dufus. Let’s say you and I head down to the sports equipment store and get a couple of tennis racquets. After a week of fishing I’m a little strung out and could use a change. Wanna match?


Pause Ponder and Poor Punctuation

Okay, so we ran this pic on Wednesday here on the alternate blog and I bit my nails for several days hoping enough people would find our little contest because I’m participating in 30 Days of Writing over on nonamedufus. Now my neck hurts. It’s hard biting your toe nails, eh?

Well, what do you know? We’re still in business! Let’s see what we got this week…

Japanese Marriage encounter!


Fed up with continually being expected to be behind the lens, Japanese tourists take time out to get their own photo-op.


American Ninja Warrior-China, they finally made it over that damn wall!


I’m not sure what Skeeter meant there. Maybe there was a problem with his punctuation or something. Somebody was punctual this week. And made me spew my Corona with…

Justin Timberlake? THIS is how you bring sexy back.


Way to go, Quirks. You be bringing’ sexy back to dufus. W00t. (Do people still do that?)

So congratulations. You be hangin’ with dufus this week. What do you say we settle in for a Timberlake video or two on You Tube. I wanna see if he really does have a sexy back.

Pause Ponder and Pop Your Balloon

Okay, I worried this might happen. i switched blogs for our little contest because I’m participating in 30 Days of Writing over on my main blog and everyone got lost somewhere along the way.

Well, everyone except Ray and 00dozo, that is. They were able to follow the breadcrumbs and left a comment this week.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Since these guys worked so hard to get here I’m awarding a tie. No not the cravat type. The type where we have two winners of equal worth.

Here are the winning entries:

Wow! Now I know why they really call him the Incredible Hulk!


Oh my god! Those aren’t filled with water, they’re filled with pee!


Way to go guys. You be hangin’ with dufus this week! Congratulations.

Maybe we could meet up at the drugstore where we can buy a couple of boxes of condoms. Those things can really hold water, I’m told. Then we can pitch water balloons at those nude demonstrating students on Crescent Street in Montreal. Just for the heck of it. What do you think?

Our next Pause Ponder and Pun will run right here next Wednesday. Be sure and drop by and give Ray and 00dozo a run for their money.

After all, you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

Pause Ponder and Pin Cushion

Okay, so we’re back on dufus daze for the duration of June as we participate in 30 Days Of Writing over on nonamedufus.

Mr. Pin Cushion here was our pic this week and I offered bonus points for those that worked a Searchers song into their caption. Of course anyone who did this would be sowhing their age since this song came out in 1964. Let’s see who has no shame…

George Takei had to resort to needles and pins every time Shatner’s ego made his stress-induced hypertension kick in.


“Needles and Pins” didn’t quite make it as a superhero character.


Do not get into a fight with your acupuncturist. Trust this guy on that one.


And our winner this week totally ignored the offer of bonus points and went straight to the point with…

Wow. What a prick.


Way to go Nicky. You win and you be hangin’ with dufus this week. Of course this has nothing to do with the 30 Days of Writing exercise you’re in charge of this month. I’m not sucking up to you for more points. Oh, no, I wouldn’t ever do that. Great caption, girl.

What do you say we get together and head on down to this acupuncturist I know. You should see his, um, needle. Yeah, that’s it…. Uh, never mind. I’ll leave it up to you to imagine.